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번호 제목 등록일 다운로드
10 Diode Lasers: A Versatile Clinical Tool 2023-12-20 다운로드
9 Low Level Laser Therapy for patients with cervical disk hernia 2023-12-20 다운로드
8 Low-Level Laser Therapy for Acute Neck Pain with Radiculopathy 2023-12-20 다운로드
7 Phototherapy with Light Emitting Diodes 2023-12-20 다운로드
6 Low Level Laser Therapy for chronic knee joint pain patients 2023-12-20 다운로드
5 Photobiomodulation—Underlying Mechanism and Clinical Applications 2023-12-20 다운로드
4 Review of Literature on Low-level Laser Therapy Benefits for Nonpharmacological Pain Control in Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis 2023-12-20 다운로드
3 Infrared therapy for chronic low back pain 2023-12-19 다운로드
2 Effect of low level laser therapy in acute low back pain with radiculopathy 2023-12-19 다운로드
1 Low-level laser therapy as a treatment for chronic pain 2023-12-19 다운로드
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