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HEXAINNOHEAL, a medical device company founded in 2019, was named by combining the words Hexagon, Innovation, and Healing. The brand aims to cure diseases using innovative technology by utilizing the most stable hexagonal structure.

HEXAINNOHEAL is currently focusing on developing medical devices that utilize light energy and electric current, including PainQ, which uses low-level laser to alleviate pain.

We are simultaneously expanding our business to overseas markets and working on registering medical devices developed by HEXAINNOHEAL with the US FDA. HEXAINNOHEAL commits to interacting with customers and creating products that cater to their requirements, enabling them to lead a healthier and content life.


Attain a competitive edge in both local and global markets
through exceptional performance in comparison to current products

  • Domestic blending
    Participation in medical device fairs
    radio advertisements
    TV commercials (broadcast on KBS, MBC, EBS channels)
    SNS (YouTube, Instagram, blog, Facebook)
    KakaoTalk channel
    Press release transmission
  • Domestic marketing
    Selling through online advertisements such as keywords and display ads
    Ss well as engaging in open markets
    Managing a product experience group through blog posting
  • International expansion
    Registered with the US FDA
    Product promotion through overseas influencers
    Started selling and advertising products on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify