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Personal medical device for rhinitis treatment

CobiQ, a home rhinitis treatment device that uses laser light to regenerate cells in the inflamed area, is highly effective for patients with rhinitis.

  • Laser irradiator

    The part that goes into the nose and radiates the laser light

  • Controller

    Device power and operation control

Product feature
Combination medical device (low-level light irradiator / medical laser irradiator)
FDA approved / GMP certified / Patented class 3 medical device
Registered with the US FDA
Battery: Single charge can last for a week
  • Product Name Personal medical device for rhinitis treatment
    Medical Device Class Level 3
    Manufacturing License Number No. 6938
    LED Wavelengths
    • Service wavelengths: 642nm, 940nm
    Safety Device Optional LED and laser light sources
  • Model Name HEXA-CQ2202
    Item License Number No. 23-1043
    Laser Wavelength
    • Service wavelength : 680nm
    • Laser grade: Class 1