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and Cobi Q are
medical devices intended for use at home.

  • Medical device for home use

  • Portable and lightweight for convenient carrying and use

  • Low-level lasers are harmless to humans

  • Selected as Good Design

  • PAIN Q
    PAIN Q

    PainQ is equipped with a function that pulses laser light energy,
    LED light energy, and low-frequency stimulation at a ratio of 19:1.
    This function helps to relieve muscle pain by contracting and
    relaxing muscles and also improves blood flow directly,
    thereby reducing pain.

  • Cobi Q
    Cobi Q

    CobiQ is equipped with a 'pulse (cross) output'
    function of laser and LED light energy,
    which helps treat rhinitis by suppressing oxygen radicals
    in the blood and reducing antibodies that cause allergies.