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Pain Therapy Devices (Laser+LED+Low Frequency) Medical Devices

Product feature
The patented hexagonal module concentrates light energy wherever it is needed
Intensive light therapy with 126 hexagonal light sources
Low-level laser cures cellular damage that causes pain
KC Safety Certification

Medical device that uses multiple wavelengths, low frequencies, lasers, and LEDs in a patented high-density light source

Laser + LED + Low Frequency
Safe low-level laser
Low-frequency stimulation with 126 light sources and 5 levels of output intensity adjustment
Easy touch operation
Distinguish from pressing buttons
The lightweight and compact body, weighing only 150 grams, offers good portability
Convenient to wear
C type charging method

For safety, it is not recommended to use while charging.

  • Product Name Medical Laser Irradiator
    Medical Device Class Level 3
    Manufacturing License Number No. 6938
    LED wavelengths and light sources
    • Service wavelengths: 642 nm
    • Number of LED light sources per hexagonal module : 6
    • Number of hexagonal modules : 7 (total 42 LED light sources)
    • LED class: Exempt group
  • Model Name HEXA-PQ20
    Item License Number No. 21-144
    Laser wavelength and light source
    • Service wavelength: 850nm, 940nm
    • No. of laser light sources per hexagonal module: 6 for each of the two wavelengths
    • No. of hexagonal module: 7 (84 laser light sources in total)
    • Total number of light sources in the product: 126
    Low frequency stimulation Electrode: 2
    Intensity: 1-5 adjustable level